How We Define Success

How Do You Define Success?

As a party in a dispute, your aim is to “succeed.” Our goal, as your attorneys, is to help you define success and achieve that result. For you, success may depend not only on the outcome achieved, but also the time taken and the cost in dollars, employee effort and publicity to get there.

We believe that you deserve legal counsel who will serve you effectively, learn your interests and risks, provide you with timely and pertinent information and offer effective advice. As your attorneys, we will help you make informed choices regarding the best defense strategy, then adhere to your goals, instruction and budget, and protect your business interests.

Too often, attorneys complicate disputes rather than resolve them. At Parton & Sell, we are committed to dispute resolution that meets your definition of success. It is our honor and privilege as attorneys at law to serve our clients in successfully resolving disputes. Whether you seek early settlement with minimal fees, or a strong defense allowing advantageous settlement or complete victory at trial, we will apply the highest professional skill and legal counsel to achieving your objective as quickly and efficiently as possible.