Our Commitment to Our Clients

Our Commitment to Our Clients

It is our clients who define “success.” At Parton & Sell our focus is on providing exceptional legal advice that helps each client decide on his or her goals. We work hard to achieve that client-based standard in every litigated matter.

From the initiation of each attorney-client relationship:

  • We listen carefully to our client’s litigation goals and propose creative options to achieve those goals.
  • We investigate early and prepare an evaluation, along with a proposed litigation plan and cost estimate, to assist in effective decision-making.
  • We respond promptly to client inquiries, including always returning telephone calls within 24 hours.
  • We report promptly, concisely and thoroughly on each significant development in the litigation and its impact on the case.
  • We consult with our clients to assist in the prevention of similar claims or suits in the future.

We are here to provide our clients exceptional legal advice. While we take great pride in our work, the measure of our success is the satisfaction of our clients.

We recognize that our clients’ needs may be best served by nontraditional alternative means of compensating our firm for its services. Our firm works with our clients to devise the best and most cost-effective way of providing legal services and achieving their goals.

We also recognize that many cases can be resolved at an early stage on advantageous terms and at low legal expense. We maintain a reputation in the legal community as vigorous advocates, upholding the standards of professional courtesy and integrity. Our word is our bond: with the client, the court and opposing counsel. Our reputation and our high ethical standards often enable us to bring the plaintiff to the table and achieve early favorable resolution, before the cost and disruption of extensive discovery and the risks of trial.

Our reputation as successful trial counsel also gives our clients the confidence to choose the option of trial when appropriate and gives our opponents additional reason to meet our client’s terms rather than face trial against us.

We invite you to explore how your interests and concerns might be served by the attorneys of Parton & Sell.