Catastrophic Injury & Products Liability

Catastrophic Injury & Products Liability

Parton & Sell has a proud history of representing large and small manufacturers and distributors in products liability litigation cases. We also represent clients in a wide range of product liability cases.

Bodily Injury

Parton & Sell has represented clients in every type of catastrophic bodily injury case, including construction site accidents and motor vehicle accidents and other physical, mental, and emotional injury-producing events. We have successfully represented construction industry employers in bodily injury litigation in courts and before the Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board. Our construction litigation attorneys know and understand the roles of the parties involved in a construction project, including their responsibilities for safety under the California Construction Safety Orders and accepted industry custom and practice.

In severe or multi-party cases, we engage appropriate experts to assist in case evaluation to ascertain whether the action can be successfully dismissed via dispositive motion. If the case cannot be so resolved through arbitration or mediation, we are prepared to take it to trial.

In less severe cases, we often successfully arbitrate or mediate matters to final, binding conclusions with minimal litigation expense.

Products Liability

Parton & Sell has a proud history of representing large and small manufacturers and distributors in products liability litigation cases. Our goal in every case is to diligently determine the cause of the injury-producing incident, as well as the nature and extent of the damages so that informed and educated decisions can be made.

For more than 35 years, Jim Parton has defended American Honda Motor Co., Inc. in serious injury and wrongful death cases involving Honda automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs and power equipment. He has defended manufacturers of other automotive products including tires, seatbelts and trailers. Other products liability litigation cases have involved: recreational equipment, trampolines, playground apparatus, office chairs, ladders, medical products and many others.

Margaret Sell has over 20 years of experience defending a wide variety of clients in product liability cases. Margaret has represented manufacturers and suppliers of pumps, guns, storage units, and various automotive parts, including tires, mufflers and brakes. Margaret has also represented American Honda Motor Co., Inc. for many years. She has also represented manufacturers, suppliers and contractors in the refrigeration, refinery, air conditioning and construction industries. She has obtained voluntary dismissals or minimal settlements in the asbestos cases she has handled for the manufacturers and suppliers of automotive parts, refrigeration units, compressors, boilers, air conditioning units, gears, couplings and stress relief products.

Ralph Rhoades has represented product manufacturers and suppliers in products liability litigation in the building and construction industries. Cases have involved an array of products and equipment such as building temperature controls, life safety equipment and metal roofing systems. He has also defended manufacturers and suppliers of marine equipment in claims involving personal injury, marine diesel engines and transmissions.